Height:  172cm translating into 5’9”. Tall, very tall even given that I keep my  high heels on as I wrap my  – very – long legs around you. I like to keep my stockings on, too. I am very feminine. Think:  sexy and elegant. You can see more of my legs here.

Size: 14-16. I am very curvaceous.  A foodie and bonne vivante, really. I am very flexible, too. And always in a very good mood.

Sense of humour: slightly wicked. Guilty as charged. I promise to greet you with a smile (or is it a cheeky grin?) Apart from that, bubbly and confident. A warm hostess type. Your no headache partner in crime.

Eyes: green. Fairly good eyesight. Ears ok, too (and two). Health includes  STI checks done regularly (a friendly reminder: do not contact me for unprotected sex).

Hair: medium dard blonde bob . It will look lovely when you arrive and go into a total “out of bed” by the time you leave. Some women use fancy products to get that effect so I guess I’m lucky:) Yes, I did warn you, I am a bit cheeky.

Breasts and age:  41yo and 36DD (wrong order… I was making you wait here…)

I promise to deliver all this wrapped in something lovely, topped up with a ravishing smile  and smelling divine.

Charlotte xxx